I will be heading to High Point, NC for the furniture market this week. I will see all the newest products in home furnishings. This is the best way to stay informed about all the new trends even before they start showing up in magazines and stores. Many products are presented but don’t all make it to the stores. Manufacturers put products out to test the demand. Having access to these more unique items is often fun and informative. And with more than 11 million square feet of showroom space to see I will be busy looking for the latest colors, trends and fabrics.
Having been involved in many of my own projects this year I can tell you color is back and strong!!  I never bought into all that boring burlap and grey! But even if you went that direction, this year you need to introduce color with it. Green came in strong last market, but sometimes it takes a year to trickle out to the public. You could not go wrong with introducing a green into your pallet. Green is really a terrific natural neutral. Push yourself to hold out for a truly scrumptious fresh green a bit more regal than kelly!  Soft aquatic green can be wonderful in an opposite calming way.  Aqua is still wonderful worked in or on a whole accent wall.
Wallpaper is also back with gangbusters! I am so glad. It does not mean boarders and dark burgandy prints. You still want to simplify your application and introduce more texture. My advice is always keep it rich! Even when you are going casual, you want approachable and comfortable but that does not have to be bland!
A few big accessories is always correct.
I’ll bring back details from market and keep you informed.
Best from the Nest!
Kathleen Kenworthy