The Design Diva:  Less Is More!


Purge! Purge! Purge!


Resist the temptation to force old items into a new look!  Generally, the rules that work for your closet work for your home.  Lamps with outdated shades will ruin your look.  New, updated lamps are the easiest path to establishing a stylish new space.


Feel free to mix the old with the new.  If you have lovely fine antique or antique reproduction pieces with warm wood patina, they can be beautifully combined with some new items for a new fresh influence.  You can never go wrong investing in quality, timelessly designed anchor pieces.  They literally stand the test of time. You can change wallpaper, lamps, and accessories around them to keep them current.


Classics ROCK!  But, it’s up to you to make sure they don’t feel like your grandmother’s!  You can build a beautiful, functional, sustainable room around your classic pieces; one that will exude updated quality with a splash of trend.


So, clear the deck of all those old little things, and replace them with a few large accessories.


Remember, “Less is More”, and color is BACK!


Have fun playing with your house!


Yours Beautifully,

Kathleen Kenworthy