Buy anchor pieces first!


The Design Diva:  Company is Coming!


There is nothing like a deadline to motivate getting your home improvement list moved to high priority!


With the holidays nearing and the weather turning colder, this is the time of year we are all migrating indoors.   The more time we spend indoors, the more those “improvement” areas start glaring, staring at you, especially as you’re planning for company.


Last month I told you to look in your closet to help you get a handle on your “style”.  If you like tailored suits, tweed, and pinstripe…classic white shirts, jeans and leather boots, then maybe you’re the Ralph Lauren type.  If you have a closet full of bold prints and colors, you’ll like similar patterns and hues in your home fashions as well.

Just keep that in mind when you go out shopping, and are tempted to buy a sale item, think to yourself, “would I really like to look at that for at least the next year?”


The next really important concept is ‘scale’.   The biggest single mistake people make in furnishing their own home is buying too many low priced smaller objects, when what they really need to do is purchase one or two large ticket items first.  Start with the big stuff, which provides the foundation, then work to the smaller stuff.  It is usually the price that plays with your mind at this stage.  I have seen so many people go out and buy a carload of stuff; accessories that were $35-50 each.  The money spent could add up to enough to buy some beautifully simple window treatments, or a pair of good size quality lamps.  The Design Diva says, “Resist the temptation, and even save your money for another month, so you can purchase your foundation items first!  Then move on to the accessories.”


Design Tip:  Remember, if you are tempted to buy before your budget is ready, you can buy time by camouflaging your space with holiday decorations.  This will allow you to save for a few big anchor furnishings for your room.


By:  Kathleen Kenworthy, Peacock Interiors

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