Here’s the scenario:  You’ve worked a full day, made all practices and lessons almost on time, fed the family, homework is done, and you finally get YOUR time.   Welcome to America!  We are so blessed to enjoy our jam-packed lives, but where do you go for “me” time?  What is your comfort zone, YOUR space?


Enter Interior Design.  Your space, whether for family time, dinner time, entertaining time, or “me” time, should give you a sense of peace and comfort…a space that wraps around you and envelops you in your own style.  Let’s discover together how designing and decorating your home can add calm and comfort to your family and your lifestyle.


First things first:  Where do you begin?  First, think about how the space will be used.  Will you focus on one room, one project, or the entire house?  Next, determine your budget.  Then decide if you want to do it yourself, or call in an expert, or both.  Remember that “Pretty” is defined by you.  An interior designer can help you figure out what you actually prefer in your space as far as style.  Many people say “I like a lot of things so I don’t know what my style is”.  Believe me, you know more than you think.  Just look in your closet.  If you dress yourself, you can probably dress your rooms!   The difference is an awareness of scale, and knowing that your “canvas” is 360 degrees.  If used only for consultation or for the entire project, an interior designer can help you remember these important disciplines in the process of making your selections, and can help you determine your priorities to stay within your budget.


Why should you listen to me?  Who is this Design Diva?  Well, I have been designing interior spaces and decorating them for 28 years!  You can bet I have seen a lot of challenging spaces and situations, so nothing surprises me.  Please feel free to email me with any challenges you might be facing in your home, office or any space!  I will meet you here next month to get into the nitty gritty of your design projects.


By:  Kathleen Kenworthy

Peacock Interiors

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