What a wonderful time of year!  Decorating for the holidays brings the season to life and sets the tone for your holiday celebrations.  As you purchase additions to your holiday collections and bring items out of storage, consider these ‘no stress’ Design Tips:

Create and Maintain Your Theme.  Do you like an “Earthy” (burlap, moss, distressed silver) theme?  Or do you prefer a more “Traditional” red and green motif?  Each, or a combination, can be beautiful, as long as you keep themes organized.  Consider using traditional colors and items in the family room.  Here, you can display handmade keepsakes from the children and traditional colored items without compromising your theme.  Reserve the silver and gold for an elegant Dining room and Living room.  Maintain your theme for greater impact!

Incorporate Fewer, Larger Items.  I’ve said this before!  It makes a difference.  Really!

Use ALL of Your Tree.  When decorating your tree, put decorations deep in the tree branches, not only on the tips, and be sure to put ornaments all around, not just on the front!  Trees WILL fall when they aren’t balanced.  Collections on trees are meaningful and beautiful, and can be an extension of your theme.

Think HIGH.  Decorate your mirrors.  Swag garlands over the top and let the edges reflect in the mirrors to add depth to the room.  Gorgeous.  Garland looks fabulous on bannisters, too.  When decorating, think ‘high’ as you do when planning your draperies.  Remember, no saggy swags!  Draw the eye UP with your new details.

Happy Decorating and Happy Holidays from Peacock Interiors!


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Happy Decorating!